N Spring St


1306 N Spring St, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 21213
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Property Description

This charming single-family home, built in 1915, boasts a cozy atmosphere with its two bedrooms and one bathroom. With forced air heating and no cooling system, it offers comfort during colder months. The property features a brick exterior and is situated in Baltimore's vibrant community. On-street parking is available, and appliances including a dryer, microwave, and refrigerator are included. Additionally, the home features a fireplace, adding to its warmth and character.

  • Bedroom
    Bedrooms 2
  • Bedroom
    Bathrooms 1
  • Bedroom
    Type Rental
  • Bedroom
    Year Built 1915
  • Bedroom
    Square Footage 660 sqft
  • Bedroom
    Parking 0
  • Bedroom
    Occupancy Status Vacant
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  • King- William Kent
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