Federal St


1819 , Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 21213
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Property Description

Step into this cozy single-family home steeped in history, offering radiant heating to keep you warm through the seasons. Built in 1920, this charming residence exudes classic appeal with its conventional architectural style. Boasting one bathroom and a total interior livable area of 585 sqft, this property provides a comfortable retreat. With a lot size of 1,003 sqft, there's just enough space to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed by maintenance. Situated in the vibrant community of Baltimore, residents will find themselves surrounded by the rich culture and amenities the area has to offer. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Baltimore's past with this delightful home.

  • Bedroom
    Bedrooms 2
  • Bedroom
    Bathrooms 1
  • Bedroom
    Type Rental
  • Bedroom
    Year Built 1920
  • Bedroom
    Square Footage 1003 sqft
  • Bedroom
    Parking 0
  • Bedroom
    Occupancy Status Vacant
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