Oswego Ave


2540 Oswego Ave, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 21215
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Property Description

Step into the timeless charm of this Single-Family home, gracefully built in 1920, located in the vibrant city of Baltimore. With an architectural style that pays homage to conventionality, this residence invites you to experience the warmth of its interior. The property spans 1,330 sqft, offering a spacious and welcoming ambiance. While details about heating and cooling remain unspecified, the presence of a fireplace adds a touch of coziness. Nestled on a lot of 1,330 sqft, this home provides a perfect balance of simplicity and potential. With its prime location in Baltimore, this Single-Family gem from 1920 is an opportunity to embrace the character and history of city living. Don't miss the chance to call this residence your own.

  • Bedroom
    Bedrooms 3
  • Bedroom
    Bathrooms 2
  • Bedroom
    Type Rental
  • Bedroom
    Year Built 1920
  • Bedroom
    Square Footage 1330 sqft
  • Bedroom
    Parking 0
  • Bedroom
    Occupancy Status Vacant
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