Montford Ave


24 N Montford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 21224
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Property Description

Welcome to this charming 1920s townhouse nestled in Baltimore, exuding timeless character and warmth. With two bathrooms and a partially finished basement, this home offers a cozy retreat. Boasting a total interior livable area of 1,526 sqft, the townhouse features a fireplace and unique brick exterior. The property's intimate size, set on a 1,040 sqft lot, ensures easy maintenance, while the built-up roof adds a touch of classic elegance. Located in the heart of Baltimore, this townhouse is a testament to enduring style and comfort, providing a unique and inviting living space.

  • Bedroom
    Bedrooms 3
  • Bedroom
    Bathrooms 1
  • Bedroom
    Type Rental
  • Bedroom
    Year Built 1920
  • Bedroom
    Square Footage 1526 sqft
  • Bedroom
    Parking 0
  • Bedroom
    Occupancy Status Vacant
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